Dr. Chapman Testimonial

I worked with several loan officers during my search for a new home, and at first it was a frustrating experience. The officers never seemed to know who I was, would forget the details of my file, and were often difficult to reach. I got the impression I was just one of hundreds of names on a list, in a process that reminded me of buying a used car.

Then, fortunately, I contacted Mr. Mansisidor. From our initial conversation he was different. Professional, on top of details, and – most importantly – always available. I could call him at any time (and I did) and he would pick up. He knew my file, he knew where we were in the process, and he always had answers to my questions or knew how to get them. Along with his excellent assistant, Jen Geno, he provided a home-buying experience that was low-stress and efficient. I have recommended him to friends and family and will continue to do so.
-Corry Chapman, MD, Alexandria, VA