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What Do Our Customers Think Of Us?

It’s one thing for us to constantly tell you why we are the right choice for you and how we can help you out with your mortgage needs in the southeastern Virginia area. But we realize that may not be enough to convince you. That’s why we want to share with you what our customers,(…)

Dr. Schulman Testimonial

The easiest refinancing process I could imagine. The rates were phenomenal compared to the competitors for a doctor mortgage. And, J’s assistant, Jen, made the process so streamlined that every step was a breeze. I closed only 34 days after I first contacted them to inquire. Couldn’t really ask for anything more from this process.(…)

Dr. Chapman Testimonial

I worked with several loan officers during my search for a new home, and at first it was a frustrating experience. The officers never seemed to know who I was, would forget the details of my file, and were often difficult to reach. I got the impression I was just one of hundreds of names(…)

Sara Reznicek Testimonial

As first-time homebuyers with a lot of questions, J. Mansisidor and his team were the perfect fit. They walked us through the process and were incredibly responsive to our inquiries along the way. J. and his team went above and beyond working within our extremely short time frame to make sure that everything was ready(…)

Dr. Irons Testimonial

J. and Jen provided excellent service during my home buying process. It took me over a year to find and close on a home. Even with the unfortunate multiple extensions to my closing date due to the short sale process, J and Jen handled the extra paperwork and my concerns with finesse. Also, J attended(…)

Dr. Nash & Dr. Holt Testimonial

J goes way beyond the call of duty, and is truly exceptional at what he does. He is thorough, professional, intelligent, conscientious and kind. He makes himself readily available, even taking phone calls at night and on weekends. He makes you feel that you are his number one priority, and even came to our closing.(…)

Richard & Morgan Irish Testimonial

Once we had found our future home we ran into the issue of our original lender not being able to work with us to close when we needed. After talking to J. Mansisidor and explaining to him our situation, he came to our rescue and worked diligently to obtain a better mortgage rate and close(…)

Dr. Rao Testimonial

J was really very helpful to me through this entire process of buying my house. He went above & beyond in answering all my questions especially as my knowledge in this area is almost zero. J. made everything seem so easy & my friends are simply amazed that I managed to get all this done(…)

Bob Seashols Testimonial

I could NOT be any more pleased with the service I received from both Mr. Mansisidor and Mrs. Geno. They were a pleasure to work with and pivotal in me getting my house in a timely manner. They managed to do something I thought was near impossible. My original lender shot down my loan when(…)

Dr. Ruffin Testimonial

I am writing this letter to express my extreme gratitude for the service my family received during the processing of our home loan. This was an extremely long and stressful search which involved several potential contracts on different homes which for one reason or another did not work out. When we finally did find the(…)